Video Message: We Stand Together as ONE Elmwood Park Community

Video screenshot of Dr. Wade

In this screenshot, Superintendent Dr. Nicolas Wade helps to deliver the message of District 401's "ONE Elmwood Park Community" video, reaffirming the District's commitment to equity and equality, justice, diversity, dialogue and reflection.

Superintendent Dr. Nicolas D. Wade sent the following video to the District 401 community on June 5, 2020.  

The video, titled "ONE Elmwood Park Community," features narration by Dr. Wade as well as by the District's five current building principals: 

The video's message: District 401 remains committed to equity and equality, justice, diversity, dialogue and reflection.

A transcript of the narration is located on this page, directly below the video.

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Links to related District 401 communications concerning equity, justice and anti-racism can be found on our Equity and Racial Justice page.

Transcript of "ONE Elmwood Park Community"

DR. WADE: Students, you are on our minds each day, even though we cannot be together in our classrooms.

MR. WILDES: We have a range of emotions we are struggling with: sadness, shame, anger, disappointment and fear.

MR. LERNER: As we watch Elmwood Park, the Chicagoland area and the global community struggle for answers, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. However, we hope positive outcomes will come from all this pain. In order to be a society built on equity, equality, justice and kindness, we must listen to each other, stand with each other and grow together.

MR. KUZNIEWSKI: These actions are the foundation of the institutional and systemic change we so desperately need.

MR. SEIBEL: All of us in Elmwood Park must play a role in helping to heal and grow as a community. As schools, we must continue to commit to Equity & Equality, Justice, Diversity, Dialogue and Reflection.

MS. SIEGEL: All students should receive the best education possible and receive every support they need to be successful. We have a moral and ethical responsibility to correct any injustices we see in our schools.

MR. KUZNIEWSKI: We will continue to support culturally responsive practices, focusing on developing equity, justice and celebrating diversity.

MR. WILDES: We will continue to teach self-awareness, empathy and the historical impact power and privilege have played on human development.

DR. WADE: We will continue to reflect as educators and leaders on our own competencies and biases and search for ways to better understand the lived experiences of our community of learners. Whether you are a …



MR. LERNER: Panther

MS. SIEGEL: Cougar

MR. WILDES: or Tiger

DR. WADE: We all stand TOGETHER — united as a ONE Elmwood Park Community.

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