Meet Justin Eigenbauer, the EPHS Senior Who Will DJ "Into the Cloud"

Meet Justin Eigenbauer, the EPHS Senior Who Will DJ "Into the Cloud"

PHOTO: Senior Justin Eigenbauer will be the DJ at District 401's "Into the Cloud" tech showcase on April 5. Click here to download a flyer about the free event.

When District 401's technology showcase event, "Into the Cloud," takes place on Thursday, April 5, don't be surprised if one of the most popular attractions turns out to be EPHS senior Justin Eigenbauer.

That's because Justin will be providing the soundtrack to the event in his role as DJ.

District Coordinator for Instructional Technology Ms. Jessica Iovinelli recruited Justin for the gig to keep the energy level high as "Into the Cloud" attendees learn about how technology is changing our world. 

With the DJ name of "svnthheaven," Justin is an ideal choice to pump up any crowd.

"There's nothing better than having music that creates positive vibes and smiles upon people's faces," he said.

Justin Eigenbauer in his DJ mask.

PHOTO: Justin Eigenbauer dons his signature mask as "DJ svnthheaven" — a sight already familiar to students who have attended events DJed by the EPHS senior. D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

A Technology Showcase

Open to all members of the District 401 community, "Into the Cloud" will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the EPHS Main Gym. The free event will feature 20 booths focusing on different aspects of technology, ranging from educational apps to virtual reality. (Scroll to the bottom of this page for a complete listing of booths.)

On the lighter side, a game truck outside the building will accommodate 20 video gamers for 15 minutes at a time, and a photo booth will be available for attendees to commemorate the event with digital snapshots. 

Tying everything together will be Justin and his beats. 

EPHS theatergoers know Justin as Sebastian the Lord Protector from this year's spring musical, "Cinderella," and as Lurch in last year's spring production, "The Addams Family." What you might not know is that DJing has been a passion of his since childhood.

To learn more about Justin and what attendees can expect from his DJing, we invited him to answer a few questions.

After checking out the Q&A below, don't miss the opportunity to catch Justin in action. See you at "Into the Cloud" on April 5!

Justin Eigenbauer as Lurch in last year's EPHS Spring Musical. "The Addams Family."

PHOTO: Justin performs as Lurch in last year's EPHS Spring Musical, "The Addams Family." D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Questions & Answers with Justin Eigenbauer

The following is an edited version of an interview conducted via email between Justin and District 401's web/media specialist, Mr. Dave Porreca.

Q: What do you have planned for the April 5 tech event, "Into the Cloud"? What can people look forward to?

A: I feel like I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I can pull out, but I'm still unsure on which ones I'll use, so I hope you're looking forward to the mystery! Besides that, the event itself is a nice opportunity to see what technology is coming to and how it impacts our society today. It's also gonna be a great time to bond within this community and make new friends. On top of that, while all of this is happening, there's nothing better than having music that creates positive vibes and smiles upon people's faces.

Justin Eigenbauer at work DJing a recent event.

PHOTO: Justin works his Numark NV DJ controller. D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Q: Will you be working with anyone else at the event?

A: While I am known as the DJ, I have my best friend who helps supports me and set up equipment for me when it comes to playing around with cords, Chris Whittington.

Chris Whittington assists Justin Eigenbauer at the recent Snowball Lock-In.

PHOTO: Classmate Chris Whittington (right) assists Justin as he prepares for the recent Snowball Lock-In. D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Q: How did you get the April 5 gig?

A: I was offered this opportunity by my former elementary choir teacher from John Mills, who I'm now lucky to still see during high school, the one and only Ms. Iovinelli!

Q: What's your DJ name?

A: My name, "svnthheaven," comes from the famous expression, "I feel like I'm floating on Cloud 9." "Cloud 9" and "Seventh Heaven" are expressions both used to indicate the ultimate feeling of happiness or euphoria. Every time I perform, I want my audience to feel that way and to forget about all the problems in their lives that have been stressing them out.

Justin Eigenbauer works his DJ controller board.

PHOTO: A closer look at the Numark NV. D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Q: How long have you been DJing?

A: I've been DJing since the age of 9. I started off by pressing play and pause on a computer software. However, my mother and father saw potential in what I could be capable of and they knew how much of a passion I had toward music, so they bought me my first mixer/controller at the age of 11.

Q: What got you interested in DJing?

A: To be honest, I can joke around and say my influence toward music all began ever since I was in the womb. While my mom was pregnant with me, she would go to the club just to listen to good music and spend time with her friends (she did not drink), and all of a sudden, she would feel her stomach kick, indicating that I could feel and hear the music as well.

Growing up, I got used to listening to old school house music because of my dad. Then, at around the age of 8, I would listen to Skrillex since he was gaining so much popularity, and I would listen to DJ Flipside, one of Chicago's best radio DJs. I then knew I couldn't help but to be like one of them. I've also noticed how happy these DJs would make their crowd, and see a whole community become a family filled with love and positive vibes.

Justin Eigenbauer at work DJing a recent event.

PHOTO: Justin is largely self taught as a DJ. D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Q: How did you learn to become a DJ?

A: There are tutorials on YouTube that go over the basics and fundamentals of features that you wouldn't know, but I learned 95 percent of things through my own, thanks to experience. Whether it was having to hear how awful I was back then, I kept playing around with it for at least three hours every day until I got better and better. Eventually, everything started to fall into place, and I finally understood what everything was meant to do and how I should do it. However, the best thing about DJing is learning self discipline. This career doesn't reward an easy way out, since everything requires your own passion and dedication on wanting to be the best at it.

Q: What skills does a good DJ need?

A: I can personally say that anyone can DJ. However, being a good DJ requires more than pressing play and changing songs. An excellent DJ requires his/her own uniqueness, originality, the ability to read a crowd and so much more. It's the little things that the audience doesn't notice but have a huge impact upon your career. Something huge that I learned is knowing how to recover from a mistake. If you think about it, anyone can remember how good you are during set, but nobody will forget how bad you mess up during your set.

Justin Eigenbauer at work DJing a recent event.

PHOTO: A view of Justin at work behind his gear. D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Q: How do you select your music? In other words, how do you decide what's appropriate for a particular venue? Do you have total control over that, or do you receive input from others?

A: First, what I like to do is talk to the host and see what songs they're interested in so I can get a taste of what genres they prefer. If I have the chance, I would even ask what their friends would be interested in. If I weren't able to do any of those two things, no problem! That means I would have to trust myself and play around with reading the crowd. This requires creativity and excellent mental judgment.

When playing a set, you always have to be a step ahead while you're behind, meaning asking myself: "What next song would transition well with this song? When should I transition? Do people know this song? Can people dance and have a good time to this song?" and thousands of more questions that you have to think to yourself without messing up.

Also, if I play at a formal party with families that include children and the elderly, it wouldn't be a smart idea to play hardcore music like EDM (electronic dance music) or rap. While I do take requests, it will not mean I will play them, whether because I don't have it downloaded or I just don't think it will fit in the mix. However, I'm always open to suggestions, since it helps me read the crowd and I get to see what genres my crowd is interested in. Anyway, there's a reason why I'm DJing, so always have full trust in what I do.

Another way of thinking how to select music for a crowd is to think about giving a massage. It all starts off by thinking of areas that feel good for the person. Once you find the spot that feels the greatest for them, you want to keep focusing on that part of the body and keep giving more. In conclusion, reading a crowd has a lot more meaning and hard work than you think.

A close-up view of Justin Eigenbauer working his controller.

PHOTO: Justin plans to continue DJing beyond high school. D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Q: What are some gigs you've had?

A: I've DJed at the Metro Suburban Conference cheerleading/dance competitions in 2017 and 2018, EPHS Homecoming in 2016-2017 and 2017-18, Snowball Lock-In, house parties, graduation parties, and I'm about to DJ at my Elmwood Park Senior Prom in April!

Q: What's the significance of your DJ mask? How did it become your trademark?

A: So I usually wear a glow-up bow tie and, of course, that glow-up clown mask. Ever since I was a little kid, I was always interested in horror, whether it was video games or movies. So I thought it would be interesting to incorporate my love for horror with my love for DJing! Also, I knew I needed something to stand out, and I know when people come to see/hear me perform, they will always remember me and have the thought of that "weird and funny dancing clown who's not afraid to be himself."

Justin Eigenbauer wearing his DJ mask.

PHOTO: DJ svnthheaven in full regalia. D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Q: Will you be wearing the mask at the April 5 event?

A: Of course!

Q: What are your DJ plans beyond EPHS?

A: My plans when it comes specifically to DJing are that I want to be at the top and perform in not only the biggest house parties, but also at clubs and festivals such as Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival and many more.

Q: What are your plans in general beyond EPHS — i.e., college, major, etc.?

A: Once I graduate high school, I want to go straight into college to get some form of degree in music production. Some colleges that caught my attention were DePaul and especially Columbia College Chicago. However, I'm still not sure which college I will be attending, but anyway, I've come this far with music, so I'm only going to keep progressing and go further. It's been a dream of mine ever since I was in the womb. Many people can DJ, but not every DJ can make their own music, so my best chance of becoming successful will be due to how hard I work on producing my own sounds — aka my own music that I plan on making.

Justin Eigenbauer works the controller at a recent event.

PHOTO: Justin's upcoming gigs include "Into the Cloud" and the EPHS Prom. For more about "Into the Cloud," see the table below. D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Lineup of Booths for "Into the Cloud"



3D Printing

Ahren Sievers (EP Public Library)
Jason Stuhlmann (EP Public Library)

Aerospace Technology

Alexis Vasiliadis (Civil Air Patrol)

Binary Bracelets

Tracy Sloan (ECC)

Bowling with Bots

Lisa Berkery (Mills)

Circle of Apps

Darlene Triska (Elm)

Coding Apps

Paul Uhler (Elmwood)

Colby the Coding Mouse

Debbie Anichini (EPHS)
Tracy Lotz (EPHS)

Curriculum / E-Texts

Leah Gauthier (D401 Curriculum & Instruction)
Angie Gulliford (Mills)
Megan Johnson (Mills)
Becky Knauer (Mills)

Dash & Dot Wonder Robots

Morgan Freeck (Elmwood)

Google Earth

Annina Wanzung (Elmwood & Mills)

Interactive Websites

Laura Magruder (Mills)

Online Reading Libraries

Richelle Fiorito (Elm)

Photo Booth

Teresa Iovinelli (Elmwood)


Fran DiDavide (Elmwood)

Robotics Team

Christian Hartwig (Elm)
Steve Mrkvicka (Elm)

Science Club

Angela Andrews (EPHS)
Christian Rosenzweig (EPHS)

Seesaw App

Vanessa Acosta (Mills)
Alyssa Makropoulos (Mills)

Talking Tech

Brianna Campbell (Mills)
Megan Davies (Elmwood & Elm)
Patti Faldani (Mills)
Kathryn Riley (Mills)

Tech with Teens

Molly Hong (Elm)
Rebecca Siegel (Elm)

Z Space Virtual Reality

Nick Pinchok (Z Space)

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