Eight District 401 Students Win Top School Citizenship Award

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Congratulations to the eight District 401 student winners of this year's School Citizen of the Year (SCOTY) Award.

The SCOTY program recognizes students chosen by their schools as good school citizens and models for others to emulate.

The awards are given by West40, a nonprofit educational service center that provides support services to school districts in western Cook County.

Students had to be nominated for the SCOTY. Grades and activities were important considerations, but each school was asked to develop its own criteria as a further basis for selection. Administrators and teachers used those criteria to select their nominees.

The District 401 student honorees are:

This year's winners will be honored Monday, March 21, during an awards ceremony held at West Leyden High School in Northlake. The ceremony will begin at 4 p.m.

Generally only about 100 students from a West40 student population of approximately 87,000 are selected for the awards each year.

Congratulations to District 401's 2022 SCOTY winners! School down to see the students. All District 401 photos are by Dave Porreca. (Click images for larger view.)

Elmwood Elementary School

Elmwood SCOTY winners

ABOVE: Elmwood 5th graders Aiden Benitez and Klarita Kouria.

John Mills Elementary School

John Mills SCOTY winners

ABOVE: John Mills 5th graders Thomas Golz and Lula Korntheuer.

Elm Middle School

Elm SCOTY winners

ABOVE: Elm 7th graders Sarah Scheidt and Madison Ranallo.

Elmwood Park High School

EPHS SCOTY winners

ABOVE: EPHS 11th graders Sean Munoz and Jillian Schweinert.

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