Changes to Elmwood Entrance and Exit Doors Begin March 24

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NOTE: The Elmwood Elementary School administration sent the following message to Elmwood families on Friday, March 18. The original message is available here. The message was also included in the March 20 issue of the Elmwood Express

Dear Elmwood Families,

We are entering an exciting time at Elmwood School! As you may have seen, our construction company has placed their construction trailer along the fence on 75th Court.

This marks the beginning of our first phase of construction as we begin our complete building renovation.

To provide the safest and most efficient entrance and exit for our students, we will be changing the doors that students use to enter and exit the building.

Construction logoStarting on Thursday, March 24, we will no longer be using the overhang entrance on 75th Court.

As of March 24, all students must enter through Door 8 (the playground door) or Door 1 (main entrance).

This will certainly be a change for all of our students and families. We ask for your patience as we work through these changes as a school community together.

Please consider walking or riding your bike to school to help alleviate car traffic. Our bike rack will remain in the back of the building, and students who ride scooters or skateboards can bring them to the office for storage.

Also starting on March 24, the afternoon exit door will change for some classes. Your classroom teacher will let you know specifically where the door is located. If your child's classroom is not listed below, there is no change in their exit door:

  • Ms. Marzillo | New Exit: Door 3
  • Ms. Katsantones | New Exit: Door 9
  • Mr. Falk | New Exit: Main Entrance
  • Mrs. Romano | New Exit: Main Entrance
  • Ms. Daniels | New Exit: Main Entrance
  • Ms. Campbell | New Exit: Main Entrance
  • Ms. Ricchio | New Exit: Main Entrance
  • Ms. Feldmann | New Exit: Door 8
  • Ms. Anderson | New Exit: Door 8
  • Ms. Guidice | New Exit: Door 8
  • Ms. Bieterman | New Exit: Door 8
  • Mr. Bolin | New Exit: Door 8
  • Ms. Vravosinos | New Exit: Door 8
  • Ms. Breitzman | New Exit: Door 8

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