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District 401 celebrates School Board Members Day

District 401 celebrates School Board Members Day

EPCUSD 401 honored the school board at the regular board meeting on Nov. 15

Nov. 15 marks the official statewide observance of School Board Members Day in Illinois. With a theme of “Learn Together. Lead Together,” this day of appreciation is our opportunity to thank members of the Elmwood Park CUSD 401 Board of Education for their commitment to making our schools a welcoming, safe place for our students to achieve their dreams.

School board members serve the public as unpaid volunteers for the benefit of students and community residents. They are the front-line advocates providing a local voice for the community, a vision for the District, and a pathway to success for our students.

Board members dedicate a significant amount of their own personal time to the District. They spend multiple hours each month on District work, participate in professional development activities, attend a variety of school functions, and work to ensure that our students have access to the educational resources they need to succeed. This dedication often takes them away from time that could be spent with their own family. 

Successful communities have high quality public schools that are a source of local pride. The leadership and vision of our Board members make this possible for District 401, impacting the lives of nearly every Elmwood Park community member in one way or another. 

Because of this, we join our fellow school districts throughout Illinois in celebrating School Board Members Day. Thank you to our Board members for everything they do to ensure the highest quality education for our students. As this year’s theme puts it: We Learn Together. We Lead Together. And together we are making a difference for every student of our District!

Thank You, Elmwood Park CUSD 401 Board Members:

  • Frank Parisi, President
  • Peter Volpe, Vice President
  • Susan Capraro, Secretary
  • Jennifer Ranallo
  • Jonathan Rivera
  • Jason Shipinski
  • Michelle Silver