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Elmwood Change Makers clean up Elmwood Park

students picking up trash in the park
Sam Britten, Marketing & Publishing Specialist



Elmwood Elementary second graders spent the last day of April in the sunshine picking up all the trash they could find at the nearby parks. The activity was part of an initiative they have taken up in class. 

“This is our second year in a row that we’ve done this, it correlates with a book that we’ve read called ‘Change Makers,’” said teacher Roberta Predovich. “It’s about kids who are making a difference in the world.”

“We get to change the world and make Earth a better place,”
said student Leilani Yuhas.

Similar to last October when Elmwood first graders planted trees at surrounding parks, this project was in collaboration with the Village of Elmwood Park’s Public Works Department. 

“They’re amazing, I love how we can have that working together relationship and we hope to do it more in the future, too.”

Elmwood students holding up their trash

Two Elmwood students hold up their trash at the park. (D401 image: Jamie Kanas) 

The students ran around alerting their peers, and their teachers, whenever they found a piece of garbage to place in one of the trash bags. To them, it really is about creating change. 

When asked what her favorite part of the day was, student Ava Ghanma responded “Probably picking up the trash.”


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